Get the most functionality out of your footwear and experience optimal comfort with Millcroft Orthotic Centre in Burlington. As your source for orthotics in Burlington, we have an extensive selection of insoles tailored to your specific needs. We also carry hundreds of shoes from leading brands in the exact styles you prefer.

Burlington Orthotics in a Range of Styles

Do you suffer from muscle pain during sports or high impact activities? We invite you to view the types of sport activity orthotics we carry. Whether you are a dedicated runner or weekend warrior, we have your solution.

If you have high arches or flat feet, you may find relief through our selection of lifestyle orthotics. We have insoles tailored to dress shoes, high-heeled footwear and casual footwear. All of our selections are designed to provide comfort and encourage proper movement of your muscles and joints.

Improve Your Comfort & Mobility

Millcroft Orthotic Centre has insoles to improve your comfort and mobility, regardless of your health situation. We carry functional orthotics which are beneficial to patients dealing with plantar fasciitis and other abnormal positioning and movement issues. If you have diabetes or other chronic conditions, you will be interested in our specialty orthotics. Working with patients of all ages, we also carry youth orthotics to address knee pain, shin splints and other foot and lower body ailments common among children and teenagers.

Visit Millcroft Orthotic Centre today to find relief from foot, leg and lower back pain. One of our podiatrists will provide a personalized consultation and find insoles suitable for you. We are proud to offer a wide range of orthotics in Burlington and the exceptional customer service needed to ensure satisfaction. Once we’ve found the perfect pair of insoles for you, we are happy to assist with your insurance billing needs.

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