• $40 - Initial appointment – which includes a full medical history, examination, and initial treatment if required
  • $40 - Routine / Diabetic footcare
  • $400 - $500 - Orthotics: Case dependant

Your feet allow you to walk, jump, twirl, climb, and dance. When your feet hurt on a daily basis, it seems difficult to live your life to the fullest. At Millcroft Orthotic Centre, we understand that you prioritize your mobility and comfort.

Whether your foot problems come from poor foot care, the wrong footwear, hereditary issues, or diabetes, you have multiple options available to you.

Burlington Podiatric Services

Our foot specialist in Burlington offers the following treatments and services:

Routine or Diabetic Foot Care

If you have a hereditary foot condition, we work with you to improve this situation. Come to us for diabetic foot care and routine check-ups to prevent infections and other complications.

Corns and Calluses

Our chiropodist in Burlington can remove painful growths, like corns and calluses, from your feet. These growths form when shoes rub and press on one area of the foot. We also provide comfortable footwear to lower the possibility of future calluses.

Wart Resolution

Unsightly warts make walking and wearing shoes painful. Plantar warts manifest themselves in small, white bumps on the bottom of your feet. If left untreated, these initially harmless bulges can grow, spread, and form clusters. Rely on a foot care specialist to remove them with medication, injections, chemical removal or surgery.

Heel or Arch Pain

Heel pain often results from improper footwear, injury, or walking issues. This pain could also indicate more serious illnesses. As you work with a chiropodist, he or she will recommend therapy, medication, and other treatments to ease your pain.

Ingrown Toenails

This common foot problem causes you pain and discomfort that you’d rather avoid. Our chiropodists can trim, lift, or remove toenails entirely to ease your current pain and prevent future incidents.

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