Welcome to Millcroft Orthotic Centre!


Millcroft Orthotic Centre has been happy to serve the Burlington community for over 5 years, providing comprehensive foot care services, quality Orthotics and premium footwear.

Located beside Dr. Mauro Fattore & Millcroft Dental services, Manuela Fattore along with our professional & staff practitioners will be happy to attend to all your family foot health needs.


*  Routine / Diabetic Foot care

*  Treatment of Corns / Callus

*  Conservative treatment and Wart resolution

*  Heel / Arch Pain

*  Flat feet

*  Pediatric foot conditions

*  Custom Orthotics

*  Footwear - Orthopedic and Off the Shelf


At our facility we pride ourselves in providing the highest levels of customer service, facilitating direct billing to most Insurance carriers, and preparing your claims to expedite payments from your provider.