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At our facility we pride ourselves in providing the highest levels of customer service, facilitating direct billing to most Insurance carriers, and preparing your claims to expedite payments from your provider.


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We offer the largest selection of footwear with over
75 brands and 2000+ styles and counting in inventory.

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At every stage of life, feet require care to function properly. Children need proper footwear so their feet develop correctly. Adults who are on their feet a lot may need relief from heel or arch pain. Calluses and plantar warts, though not often harmful, can be annoying and painful. No matter the age of you and your family members, podiatrists provide important foot care and treatment for your entire family.

Burlington Orthotics and Foot Care for the Whole Family

Millcroft Orthotic Centre serves the Burlington community, providing foot care services, orthotics, and footwear. Some of the services offered at the clinic include:

  • Routine/diabetic foot care
  • Plantar wart resolution
  • Treatment of corns and calluses
  • Treatment of heel and arch pain
  • Flat feet treatment
  • Care of pediatric foot conditions

Read more about these treatments by visiting our foot care services page.

Footwear and Insoles in Burlington

Shoes can help or hurt foot conditions. If you experience pain when walking, you may need different footwear. Millcroft Orthotic Centre provides orthotic devices for daily and athletic use, as well as footwear, compression stockings, and knee braces. Browse the orthotic insoles, shoes, and other devices we offer using the tabs at the top of the page.

Working with Insurance Companies

Millcroft Orthotic Centre offers direct billing to most insurance carriers. We also prepare your claims to expedite payments from your provider.

Find foot care, footwear, and orthotics in Burlington at Millcroft Orthotic Centre. Call our clinic at (905) 319-1011 to set up an appointment today.


Millcroft Orthotic Centre
2020 Appleby Line
Burlington, ON L7L 6M6

Phone: 905 319-1011